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    "take A Look At" And "cool"

    Hello to everyone! How is it going? Well, just two questions.

    1.- "Take a look at". If I want to show something to someone. Should I say "Take a look at!" or "Take a look!"? I imagine "AT" is used when is followed by an object, not?. For instance, "Take a look at this!" or "Take a look at that wall!", not?
    2.- "Cool". Can I use this adjective in this sentence to mean the house is beautiful, wonderful...? "My house is really cool". I don´t know if it´s the suitable one, really. Well, I hope you´ll have a nice afternoon!. Thanks in advance!


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    Re: "take A Look At" And "cool"

    Hello Jesule

    Yes, your interpretations are correct. Here are a couple of examples:

    1. I've got three hundred spiders in this jam jar. Take a look!

    2. Take a look at these spiders! There are over three hundred in here.

    You do sometimes find a trailing "at" with no object, in infinitive phrases:

    3. Three hundred spiders? Sheesh...Now that's worth looking at!

    As for "cool", you can use it to express any kind of approval. (But this usage may become unfashionable in the near future. And it does irritate some native speakers.)


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