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    to accomodate changing


    I would like to know if the subject of the underlined phrase is : "spacial needs"? and what does mean "to accomodate changing..."?

    Increasing student enrollments in schools across US and spatial needs to accommodate changing educational practices have been facilitating the required changes in the design of school buildings.


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    Re: to accomodate changing

    Yes, "spatial needs" is the subject of that phrase. "To accommodate changing educational practices" means that the methods of teaching students is constantly evolving and changing, and the physical design of the school building sometimes has to be changed as a result. For example, buildings must have doors wide enough to allow wheelchairs to enter, and there must be elevators available for buildings with more than one story so that students with physical disabilities are able to go to classrooms on the upper floors. Also more schools are being equipped with computers for each student and Internet access, and all sorts of other modifications.

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