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    Is this a past participle?

    I am helping teach English literature to Egyptians year 12. Decided to teach a (famous) Egyptian novel translated-- Morning and Evening Talk by Naguib Mafouz. It begins with "THE SKY WAS A CLEAR BLUE, the shadows of walnut trees slumbered on the ground...) Later in the paragraph "Ahmad emerged into this vast playground and quickly forgot the house he came from..." Slumbered doesn't seem like simple past-- there was no ending to the slumbering. But Ahmad emerging was a completed event. What is the difference in grammar for for these two uses of -ed? I can't find an answer anywhere. Thanks!
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    Re: Is this a past participle?

    In my opinion, both are simple past tense verbs. If that is correct, the first sentence is a comma splice. The comma should be a semicolon.

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