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    Can you check my grammar?

    There is nothing worse than coming home after a night out and finding that your clothes smell like smoke. Another thing that is really bad is walking down the street behind someone smoking a cigarette. Every time they exhale out comes that cloud of smoke and, one walks straight into it. No one likes to experience this. There are a lot of people in this country that smoke. Most of them are probably fed up with people who do not smoke always talking to them about their 'bad habit' and telling them what to do. The thing some smokers do not know is that they are harming everyone around them including themselves. People die each year just because they have breathed other people’s smoke. I think smoking should be banned in public places.

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    Re: Can you check my grammar?

    smell like smoke- of
    Every time they exhale out comes- comma after 'exhale'
    and, - no comma

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