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    Which Sentence is correct and Why?Please provide detail reason

    1. What did you say?
    2. What were you say?
    I know Point#1 is correct but let me know why Point#2 is not correct .Please provide detail?

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    Re: Which Sentence is correct and Why?Please provide detail reason

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Farrukhkamran:

    "What were you say?" is incorrect.

    The correct question is "What were you saying?"


    One way to understand it is by putting the sentences into "regular" order (ONLY for analysis, NOT for actually speaking):

    "You were say what?"
    "You were saying what?"

    As you will probably agree, only the second sentence sounds right.


    For a grammatical explanation, you need to remember something very important:

    "Were" is a form of "be." Thus, you need an -ing word to form the progressive or continuous:

    "I WAS eating broccoli." What were you eating?
    "She WAS reading a book." What was she reading?
    "They WERE studying French." What were they studying?

    If we do not use the progressive or continuous, then we use "do," "does," or "did."

    "I ATE broccoli." What did you eat?
    "She READ a book yesterday." What did she read yesterday?
    "They STUDIED French." What did they study?

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