I need help with this essay my teacher sent it back to me with comments like
  1. grammatical/mechanical: awkward/confusing wording, commas, noun-verb agreement, comma splices, tenses, compound words
  2. Paper is nearly 2/3 page short

I want some pointers and tips to make the essay good.

College they say are the other set of 4 years that you should make the best of.

After graduating from high school many will enroll into college. No one ever said it

was going to be easy but it could be done. College means new door will be open and

adventures are waiting to be made. Read up on your major and be prepared with

the classes that comes with it . Furthering your education can lead to great

opportunities just waiting to happen. These 4 years or more will either make you or

break you.

College is nothing like high school obviously. Instead of having free non-

sense education, you are actually paying for education you need for your future

career. Its not easy either, there will be no wake up calls, no professors babying you,

and parents making sure youíve done your work. You are basically responsible for

yourself and your actions. Classes are a little bit different from the ones back in high

school. Yeah they got the basics but this time you have to pay for your books, which

can cost around $200-$700. Some professors really donít care what you do in class

cause once again you are paying for it but they will not allow idiotic behavior. You

should know what classes to take for your major after the first several core classes

needed for the college/ university. You should also know where everythingís

located from financial aid office to the local bookstore. Depending on the area like if

the college is in a big city the professor are less involve trying to get to know their

students ; where as in a small town the professor know mostly all the student names

by the end of the semester.

Living on campus is a total different level to new comers. Many people despise

the idea of living in dorms but donít say it until you try it . Also this can help

you be aware and get involved in many things such as clubs/ organizations. Living in

the dorms comes with a set of rules but its mostly everything you should know like

taking care of your living space and being respectful to other people living in the

dorm halls .But this could open your mindset on how youíre going to live on your

own in a couple of years. Balancing social life and school life can be troublesome at

some points while living on campus. On the bright side you save money on gas and

other living expenses. You really have to manage your time with each class and the

work it comes with it. Leaving a good impression the first 2 weeks of class can help

in the long run. Having study groups with the people in the same building with the

same class is also a good idea to keep in mind. Live up to and learn to exceed

your own expectations not those imposed on you. Keeping up with your classes and

your grades can help you later on when youíre searching and filling out applications

for jobs in the future.

Going into college is terrifying, and an overwhelming experience. Sometimes

you might not know everything that is there to know but over the years youíll begin

to know little by little. Freshman year is important because thatís when youíre starting

to figure it all out it .Entering college means new doors will be open and adventures

are waiting to be made. Even though the first 4 years might be all fun and what not,

donít lose sight of whatís important. Your dreams might change while meeting new

people or just having a causally conversation but thatís okay so embrace it. Before you

know it, itíll be the end of it and youíll have an answer to that ugly question ďwhat do I

want to do with my life?Ē.