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    Letter of Inquiry

    I have to write a inquiry letter, but I never written any inquiry letter. Please tell me about how to write a effective enquiry letter. What should be included in a letter writing of Inquiry?

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    Re: Letter of Inquiry

    What sort of inquiry is it?

    I would start with the basics of the inquiry. In the second paragraph,I would add any further information or details required- all that they need to know to get you the answer you want. Thank them and look forward to hearing from them, with a polite way of saying as soon as possible if time is important. Get straight to the point and don't waste time with vague introductions. Be polite, but not excessively so- people are busy and long rambling expressions of gratitude are unnecessary IMO.

    PS,be clear on the difference between enquiry, which isn't used in all variants, and inquiry.

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