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    direct deposit

    Please make the following in red clear for me.

    If in your mid-twenties you put $10,000 into stocks in a tax-deferred account such as IRA, reinvested dividends and capital gains, and made no more direct deposits, you would have accumulated well over $350,000 by your mid-sixties.

    Is this saying "in order to accumulate a lot of money in the future, you must not have your salary or other payments directly transferred to your account. You have to invest them in somewhere else?"

    Thank you.

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    Re: direct deposit

    No, it is saying that the original investment of $10k would grow into $350k with no more investments added.

    It is typical for someone saving for retirement to put away something (a "direct deposit") from every paycheck. So, the point is that by adding to the investment on a regular basis, you would end up with much more than $350k.

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