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    Having an IV or being on a drip

    I had an IV last night because my blood pressure dropped too low.

    I was given an IV (Fluids) last night...
    I was put on a drip last night...
    I got a drip last night...
    I was on a drip last night ...
    They gave me a drip last night...
    My blood pressure dropped too low last night so they put me on a drip.
    I had a drip last night...

    Are they grammatical?
    What would be the best way to say?
    Are these sentences natural to a native ear?
    Is there any informal sentences you use?
    Is the use of "IV or drip" correct in these sentences? what about the verbs?

    Source: I wrote the sentence myself.

    Drip (IV)

    a method of slowly giving someone liquid medicine or food through a tube into one of their veins, or a piece of equipment for doing this:
    He was on a drip for three days.

    Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary
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