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    Motivation letter for MSS Application,

    Please correction my motivation letter

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to apply for the MSS programme in Development Studies

    I am Md. Abdul Kader, a 26 years old Bangladeshi national, have completed MSS degree from the Department of Government and Politics in Jahangirnagar University, one of the leading Public Universities of Bangladesh. I also successfully completed my Bachelor of Social Science, Honours (BSS) in 2011 (held in January 2012) from the Department of Government and Politics, Jahangirnagar University.

    In my late high school years, I realized that 'human face' of life poses a new challenge that cannot be encountered only by conventional study of arts and natural sciences. The birth of my nation after a war of independence, fathomless poverty, vicious circle of bad governance, natural disaster, unemployment and inequality prevailing since the nation's inception as well as political chaos soon inspired me to take a new look at my academic pursuits. I always believe that what I learn should serve me well both in my quest for the ‘right’ knowledge and in my career. Therefore, I entered the department of Government and Politics at the Jahangirnagar University after completing college studies. I was in an intellectually stimulating environment where, for the first time, I was provided with in-depth understanding of real world problems and problem-solving strategies and techniques. My enthusiastic approach to my studies rewarded me well. I obtained CGPA-3.68 (92%) out of CGPA-4.00 and created second position among 59 students in the bachelor degree at the Jahangrinagar University. Now I am working with BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) as a research assistant where my key responsibilities are literature review, preparing questionnaires, developing FGD and IDI guidelines, translating interview papers, case writing, analyzing qualitative data, and other activities related to various projects. To complete my duties I have to work with the rural people whose are underprivileged from modern facilities. By working with them I came to know about the plea of development and crying need of development works.

    After four years of study at the Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, I graduated in Government and Politics. I learned how development theories explain the failure of states and failure of development. The mainly focus of these theories helped me to hone my analytical skills and equipped me with the necessary framework to analyze complex problems. I have particularly enjoyed investigating development strategies and effect of development initiatives as I can see both the theory and the reality of the situation as well as arguments from differing perspectives. Michael P. Todaro’s ‘Economic Development’ helped me to understand the major events and theories of development by case study, whilst Amartya Sen’s ‘Development As Freedom’ aspirated me to identify the problems and barriers of developing countries like Bangladesh. Overall as a citizen of third world, I think conventional theories and research cannot show the real figure and development problems. New research and intensive observation require defining the issues and solutions of development and society of third world. So I want to see me in close future as a professional researcher and ultimately academician of Development Studies.

    I am aware that reaching my goal will be highly competitive. Being a very targeted and ambitious person, however, I'm determined to do my very best at working towards it. The more lectures and seminars I've followed, the more I've read during my B.S.S. studies, the more I've become aware of how little I actually know. This understanding has further contributed to my determination to continue learning as much as I can. I feel that the international environment of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies as well as the possibility offered by your Master’s programme in Development Studies of acquiring a solid understanding of different perspectives and concepts in development. I am confident that with my strong will to give my best to everything I undertake and never compromise, I can say with modesty that I can contribute much.

    This programme would further allow me to apply these theoretical underpinning develop a new model of development and the philosophy of development in the context of Bangladesh. I do believe that my training on Development studies would contribute to bring benefits of the academic collaboration in terms of capacity building in my beloved country, where there are limited resources to support the expertise on policy research. This will be helpful to provide more rigorous academic enrichment which will also definitely help me to build myself a congruent. This programme would help me to formulate a new model which, if accepted by relevant authority would facilitate poverty reduction in Bangladesh. I do believe that my research would bring benefits for the stakeholder’s collaboration for their capacity building so far as my beloved country is concerned. Though Bangladesh is a developing country, more development activities and development project need to be taken. Lack of experts and professionals lead this country underdeveloped over the years. I think this masters course at your university definitely contribute a lot both for me and for the development of my country. So, pursuing my Masters study at your university will be the most logical extension of my academic journey and a major step toward achieving my goal.
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