Ladies and gentlemen, I`m writing a research paper on manipulative power of words! Dear native English speakers, please, help me to conduct my experiment and do the folowing task:
Decide which words and phrases best fit each space.
(This is an axtract from the speech of an extremely famouse politician)

And that’s why Russia’s 1)_______ of international law, its 2)________ 3) ________, must be met with 4) _______, not because we’re trying to keep Russia down, but because the principles that have meant so much to Europe and the world must be lifted up.
Over the last several days, the United States, Europe and our partners around the world have been united in defense of these ideals and united in support of 5) ________. Together, we’ve 6) ________Russia’s 7) ________Ukraine and 8) ________the legitimacy of the Crimean referendum. Together, we 9) ________Russia politically, 10) _______ it from the G-8 nations and 11) ________our bilateral ties. Together, we are imposing costs through sanctions that 12) _______on Russia and those 13)_______its actions.
And if the Russian leadership stays on its current course, together, we will ensure that this isolation 14) _______. Sanctions 15) _______, and the toll on Russia’s economy, as well as its standing in the world, 16) ___only _______.
And meanwhile, the United States and our 17) _______will continue to 18) _______the government of Ukraine as they chart a democratic course. Together, we are going to provide a/an 19) _______package of assistance that can help stabilize the Ukrainian economy and meet the basic needs of the people.
Make no mistake, 20) __________________________.

1) A. contravention B. violation C. breach D. infraction E. non-observance F. flouting G. defiance H. breaking

2) A. onslaught on B. attack on C. offensive against D. assault on E. act of aggression against F. campaign against G. incursion on H. foray into

3) A. Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity B. Ukraine

4) A. criticism B. condemnation C. castigation D. reproof E. objurgation F. disapproval G. denunciation

5) A. Ukraine B. the Ukrainian people C. the government of Ukraine

6) A. criticized B. condemned C. castigated D. reproved E. denounced F. rebuked G. berated

7) A. assault on B. attack on C. incursion on D. invasion of

8) A. rejected B. declined C. spurned D. turned down D. refused E. rebuffed

9) A. have segregated B. have alienated C. have sidelined D. have cut off E. have isolated F. have frozen out G. have secluded

10) A. ejecting B. suspending C. expelling D. eliminating E. removing F. debarring G. excluding

11) A. relegating B. disparaging C. belittling D. downgrading E. depreciating

12) A. have had an effect B. have left a mark

13) A. responsible for B. liable for C. answerable for D. accountable for E. chargeable for F. duty-bound to G. culpable for

14) A. escalates B. degenerates C. deepens D. deteriorates E. spirals F. comes to the boil G. slides H. accelerates I. intensifies J. grows K. mushrooms

15) A. will expand B. will enlarge C. will swell D. will widen

16) A. will proliferate B. will increase D. will mushroom E. will snowball F. will multiply G. will escalate H. will soar I. will surge

17) A. associates B. partners C. supporters D. allies E. friends

18) A. momentous B. significant C. noteworthy D. weighty E. remarkable F. great G. fundamental H. important

19) A. align B. support C. sympathize with D. back E. endorse F. ally with

20) A. neither the United States nor Europe has any interest in controlling Ukraine
B. both the United States and Europe has no interest in controlling Ukraine