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    En Dashes and Hyphens

    Without recasting, could these work in terms of punctuation? Use the en dash between the numbers; then use hyphens in the modifiers. (This is an alternative, of course, to suspended hyphenation.) The examples below, to me, are clean, concise, and readable.

    •a $3–$5-million-per-year contract
    •$35,000–$45,000-a-year savings
    •65–70-year-old men
    •$5–$10-a-day surcharge
    •55–65-milligram tablets
    •a 10–15-mile radius
    •20%–30%-per-month savings
    •15–20-, 25–30-, and 40–45-foot pieces of wood
    •a $20–$30-million-plus deal
    •a 5–10-gallon container

    I believe that every example above is correct. Do you agree?

    Thank you.
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    Re: En Dashes and Hyphens

    I find some overly convoluted even if they're technically correct.

    For example, "20%-30%-per-month-savings". I would reword that as "a saving per month of 20-30%". I definitely wouldn't repeat the % sign if I were hyphenating the numbers.

    This one: 15–20-, 25–30-, and 40–45-foot pieces of wood is certainly incorrect. There is no need for a hyphen after 20 or 30.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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