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    score tickets

    1. Is this a common expression? What does "score" here mean?
    score tickets
    2. The underlined "we place enough constraints .." seems hard to understand. As I understand, the gist seems to be "abundant ideas can be hidrance to creativity, lack of ideas sometimes works better", right?

    It may sound counterintuitive, but excessive freedom of thought leads to idea anarchy and a poor level of inventiveness.
    Most of us have had a firsthand or secondhand experience of a brilliant solution devised by improvising with scant materials at hand.
    In many cases, a lack of an essential substance or tool requires resourcefulness.
    If youve ever communicated a big idea concisely on a napkin or managed to score tickets to a sold-out concert (without paying a ticket scalper), you can consider yourself resourceful`─`that is, using existing resources extremely efficiently.
    Using this same logic, when we place enough constraints around resources, we can prevent ideation anarchy and focus productive thinking into that limited space where the creative solutions are frequently hiding.

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    Re: score tickets

    To "score tickets" means to obtain tickets that are difficult to get.

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