A case study: Tillu KolhiPeople belonging to Kolhi community have been living in almost every district of Sindh. They have been living in these areas from very ancient times. As such, we know that belonging to Hindu caste they have to face a number of problems. Unfortunately the initial dilemma with them is that they are from a lower in rank, inferior caste and class. Therefore are being tortured and teased by superior classes.The index of our case study is a poor, needy and young Kolhi, who is also deprived of all basic necessities and facilities just like all other helpless and pressed Kolhis. The penniless young boy was living a life of poverty and indignity. This young boy is named Tillu Kolhi and of about 25 years old. He was forced to get involved himself to catch and sell small size fish from local inland water bodies of the Union Council because of his crucial circumstances. He was just like a puppet in the hands of fate and was forced to earn livelihood for him and his family through fair and unfair means. He adopted the banned and prohibited profession of trash fishing in order to rescue himself and his family from dying of starvation.When MDS team reached at village Ghulam Shah and started to register the names of those 10 young men to whom they will make skilled ones. Meanwhile Tillu Kolhi came and registered his name in the skill of hair cutting. Tillu told MDS team that he has faded up with heinous crime and now it is his utmost desire to make himself a skilled man and can do something better to facilitate his family and provide them the basic needs. Tillu Kolhi told that his elder brother and cousins were also stained with these types of wrong doings and gradually he was also involved in this heinous and culpable act completely and became notorious since his childhood. Tillu Kolhi further told that he is of the view that trash fishing has not changed his life and lives of his ancestors. We are still suffering from the same problems that were imposed on our forefathers. Although they are from an untouchable caste and this is the root cause of their and our deprivation. When we are provided with meal at a time having no idea that how would we get it on the very next time and through which sources?Tillu told the MDS team that it is too difficult for the low rank or Hindu castes like Kolhi, Bheel, Rawras and Meghwaars etc. to have a haircut, in the reply by asking why does he intended to take training in hair cutting skill. Tillu further said that the Barbour to whom we have a hair cut in menaced by the higher rank/ superior castes that if they did not stop doing so in that case they will never come to them for hair cutting. Due to this reason they have to have a hair cut by them. While narrating his brief biography Tillu started weeping intensively. Tiller said in a melancholic tone that there is nobody that award us with employment and represent us in front of the authoritarians.We request to MDS team to provide us some kind of employment sources after making us skilled so that not only we can become independent but also favor ours fellow ones in caste and religion.After hearing Tillu’s heart – weeping biography, MDS team makes its determination to drain tile and other needy young people like Tillu in hair cutting skill and after completing the training MDS will also provide him complete kit.Tesla also promised that he will quit his previous profession of trash fishing and also give advice to other people of his community who are also taking part in such harmful activities. Tillu Kolhi was trained during three months and he took part in it with full zeal and devotion. Now he has become a complete trained Barbour.Tillu Kolhi has also opened a shop in his home village and does his work with the help of hair cut kit provided by MDS. Not only those people who belong to Hindu religion, but also the Muslims from the many surrounding villages come here to have hair cut from Tillu.Tillu Kolhi has also fulfilled his promise of giving up the catching and selling of small size fish. It has also been heard that Tillu Kolhi is often found to advocate and stop the people from trash fishing by giving them his own example. Now Tillu is living a prosperous and happy life in his village with his family. People often see him singing melodious Sindhi songs while making hair cut of people.Please help me to write the above mentioned case study right grammatically, thanks