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    I've found an excellent game on the 'Net to practice collocations. There are verb cards and a board with nouns. Ss have to find a matching verb card in their hand to the noun on their spot on the board.

    I would be using this with 2 or more groups of 4 Ss, each with their own board and cards.

    I won't be able to oversee every move of the game with this number of groups. So how do I ensure that they make the correct match? I was thinking of a master list for them to check but then they would see all the answers from the start. Also, I can't print the answers on the back of the verb cards because they would be in their hands or on the table and the answers would be visible to everyone.

    Any ideas on how to handle this? I would very much like to use this game with them.


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    First, try it and see how it goes- monitoring groups is something that comes with experience. You may not get everything, but you will soon be able to hear a serious error from one group while monitoring another. A master list for the end would also make sense and give them a chance to feedback and ask questions about what happened in their groups.

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