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    Arrow Please correct my letter. I am requesting permission for three days leave.

    Hello Sir/Mam,

    Very Good Morning. I am requesting permission for 3 days leave for going out of station with my hr. Here i am attaching my letter for your reference. Please correct my letter and help me to improve my english knowledge.


    *****Requesting Permission for Three Days Leave*******

    Hello Sir/Mam

    Very Good Morning. Hope you are doing good. I am requesting permission for Three days leave from (20/10/2014, 21/10/2014 and 22/10/2014). Because we are going out of station for Three days. I would like to request your kind permission to have my leave for three days. And I will continue the work from (26/10/2014).


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    Re: Please correct my letter. I am requesting permission for three days leave.

    I would like to seek your kind permission to take a 3-day leave from 20 Oct - 22 Oct as I will be out of town.

    not a teacher

    Note: Going 'out of station' or 'outstation' is commonly used in India and the Far East. It is a relic from the British during the colonial days. It is not a standard English word.
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