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    Hello everyone.

    - And, er, remember the Galway girl, um, how were her gums?
    - Her gums are actually fine, but what was wrong with her was her endless humming. But not songs. No songs
    Just endless, mindless, tuneless humming.
    - Reading, driving, walking. These things are signs.
    - No, they're not. They're normal, human characteristics. You are going to end up on your own, alone forever.

    Does "walking" mean "gait" or does it mean the activity of going for walks?

    Thank you.

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    Re: walking

    In this particular instance (a bit of dialog from the 2013 film The Stag), the speaker is referring to Miss Galway's habit of humming all the time - whether she was reading a book, driving her car, or walking somewhere. Always mindlessly humming. So, to answer your question, he is referring to both her gait (she probably hummed while walking down the aisle of the grocery store) as well as going on long walks (still humming all the while).

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