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    What adv could you give me to prepare and how to deal with the CELTA course. I have taken the TEFL/TESOL certificate before and that was intense. Is the CELTA similar or more? how should I prepare? how should manage the CELTA load? All your suggestions are welcomed please.

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    Re: CELTA

    I have some advice.

    Sentence 1: Spell out "advice", and end the question with a question mark.
    Sentence 2: I would use a comma after 'before".
    Sentences 4 and 5: Start them with a capital letter.
    Sentence 6: Place a comma after "welcomed".

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    Re: CELTA

    It's intense, but most who take it pass, so there's no need for undue alarm, but expect it to be a tough month. A good way to start would be to get into the main teaching books they recommend and a decent grammar/language book. Are they still using Jeremy Harmer's Practice of English Language Teaching? If so, read that. As you've done a course, your language knowledge should be OK but get something like Michael Swan's Practical English Usage and get stuck into it - if you don't have it, it's definitely worth getting.
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