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    Present perfec question


    Following is the kind of discussion seen in the spoken english learning article.In some of the sentences used in the discussion i feel like present perfect can be used and i have put them in the brackets.Please tell me whether present perfect can be used in the places i identified.

    Damodar :Hi Divakar,You know my favourite hero was (or has been) awarded padmabhushan.
    Divakar :The title was conferred on many others too.
    Damodar : Iam happy that only deserving people were (have been)awarded the title.
    Divakar :You say all this because your favourite hero got it.
    Damodar :Your favourite hero was not even considered for the award.Thats why you talk like that.
    Divakar :You feel as if you were given the award.
    Damodar :Yes,I do feel so
    Divakar : Just wait and see.My favourite hero will be honoured with padmabhushan next yesr.

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    Re: Present perfec question

    Although you are correct in it sounding okay to use the Present Perfect in these two instances, if you use the Present Perfect instead of the Past it implies that those two events happened before the Past. Then we are left waiting to see what happened in the Past that relates to the Present Prefect.

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    Re: Present perfec question

    In the first, the present perfect would be used if the award is recent. If not, then the past would make sense. With the second, you could either use the present or the present perfect, but I wouldn't use the past there because the award will be given again.

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