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    hypotheses --> reality

    1) If my father hadn't gone to work in Malaysia, he wouldn't have met my mother, and I'd never have been born, but ...
    How should I complete the sentence?
    Can I say "..., but he has / he did " ?

    2) If I had never been born, I wouldn't be able to write this sentence at the moment, but I have/was ((been) born) . <--- Is this sentence correct? I wrote it on my own and I believe it's not that right... Which verb should be used? HAVE or WAS ?

    3) I wish my car would start, but it ...
    doesn't/won't ????

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    Re: hypotheses --> reality

    1- he did= means but he went to work in Malaysia.
    2-I was= means I was born.
    3-I think both are possible:

    if we say won't, then we mean= but it refuses to start

    İf we say doesn't, we mean= but it doesn't start., so I think, both of them are possible in here.:)

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