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    I would like my essay checked

    Seina Gemma
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    What were some of the important differences in Geographical and economical factors between British and Spanish colonies and what were some of the results of those differences?

    Colonies are established on foreign land so that their mother countries are able to make trade and profit from the resources of the land such as gold and silver. They are also established so that countries are able to claim land thus expanding their nation. Forming a colony on certain geographical areas allow the colonies to supply the mother country and themselves with the resources that they need. Being on different geographical areas is an important factor in the growth of their nation as different colonies made on different areas all have different advantages and disadvantages. Having these benefits allow the mother country to have power over rival countries, as they are able to expand their power and wealth depending on the successes of their colonies.

    Not only does having colonies located in different geographical areas allow the mother country make a profit from the different resources that are only obtainable those certain areas, but it can also mean the difference between successful colonies and more unsuccessful colonies. This is evident in the colonies established by the English in 1607, as these colonies were located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian mountains in North America. Deep glaciers shaped the land in which the English had colonized. These glaciers pushed rich soil that could have been used for farming further south and all that had been left were layers of hard rocky dirt. As seasons for growing were only about five months long, the long winters meant that farming became a much difficult task and the forest that surrounded the areas added to the difficulties however, English colonists were able to use the natural resources of the forests to make shelter for warmth and boats to catch fish and whales in the Atlantic Ocean for food.

    Colonies established by the Spanish on the other hand were better off as their colonies were located in the south. Climates in the south were warm all throughout the year. With the rich soil that had been pushed from the glaciers from the north meant that the land was suitable for farming and the typical growing seasons would last about two or three months longer than farms In the north however the Spanish faced similar challenges as the land in which they were located in was covered in a thick forest thus decreasing the size of farms. The colonies were also located near the rivers so that colonists were able to fished and hunt animals for food. Being near the rivers meant that food was plentiful however the ocean tides were hazardous as they could flood the villages destroy crops.

    Colonies established in North America were forced to adapt to the conditions of the land and this is evident in the colonies established by the English and Spanish as both colonies used their natural resources to adapt to the different condition. Some colonies had to face more difficult task because of where they were located. Being in other geographical areas would have fixed some of these problems however all areas have their disadvantages and the difference in the geographical locations in the colonies established by the English and Spanish showed the difference in successful colonies and unsuccessful colonies.

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    Re: I would like my essay checked

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    When will you submit your essay to your teacher for marking/grading?
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