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    Middle Or Centre And One Meaning

    Hi, everybody!

    1.- "I donīt mind you going out ītill later tonight"

    I mean that itīs not a problem if he or she goes out till later than last night
    Is that the meaning of the sentence?.

    2.- "Itīs in the centre/middle of a park". Centre o middle? Is there any difference?.

    Thanks a million!.

    See you!.

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    Lightbulb Re: Middle Or Centre And One Meaning

    hi! Keep in mind that synonymy doesn't exist at all you must always speak in terms of quasi synonymy because there is always a slight difference between 2 words which appear as being similar.
    In context slight differences in lexical terms are very useful.
    So there is automatically a difference between the 2 words you wrote and a dictionary will prove that

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    Re: Middle Or Centre And One Meaning

    1 It doesn't have to be in comparison to last night, but it implies later than normal.
    2 'Centre' here suggests directly in the cnetral point, while middle would cover a wider area.


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