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Thread: break out

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    break out

    Does "break out " have the meaning of "getting pimples"?

    A: Your skin is perfect. What's your secret?
    B:My face used to break out pretty often, but I found a good dermatologist.

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    Re: break out

    http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionarie...1#break_1__367 Scroll down to 'break out in something'.

    Not a teacher.

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    Re: break out

    You can 'break out' in anything skin related; pimples, a rash etc but in the sentence you've given here, I gather that the speaker is talking about pimples. You would be more likely to specify what it is your skin is breaking out in if not pimples, i.e 'My face used to break out in a rash pretty often, but I found a good dermatologist.

    I hope this helps!

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