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    Question Doubts about collocations and prepositions

    I would really appreciate some help with the following sentences:

    1) There were none any whales (shouldn't it be not? Found this in a book)
    2) I have a favour to ask of you ( can't it be to ask you, directly?)
    3) When she come to she found herself in hospital (can't guess its meaning, again found this in a book)
    4) Tell him I asked after him (couldn't it also be about?)
    5) I don't think the government cares enough about nursery education to fund it properly. ( can't it also be for?)
    6) Can you push the window to? (Feels like something is missing here, again found it in a book, not sure about its meaning)
    7) Do you too can't understand the meaning of 'no'? ( Is this grammatically correct?)
    8) He described the conductor as moving his arms like a windmill ( Can't understand its meaning here)
    9)...With things they'd never see if it smacked them in their temples ( isn't it incorrect, given that it refers to a plural -things- ?)
    10) All the living things... (is 'the' used incorrectly here?)
    11) You have one less point ( Can this be said to mean that your mark diminishes? )
    12) I'd like to go skiing in the autumn ( Can 'the' be omitted here?)

    I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

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    Re: Doubts about collocations and prepositions

    1) Yes, it should be "not".
    2) Yes, that works.
    3) It should be "came to" (past tense). That means "woke up".
    4) Yes. In AmE "about" would be more common.
    5) I would place "school" after "nursery". "For" does not work for me.
    6) Yes, there is something missing.
    7) No, it is not grammatical. It should be "Can't you understand the meaning of "no"?
    8) The conductor was moving his arms and for the viewer it was as if the conductor was a windmill.
    9) Yes. "It" should be "they", but I have no idea what the phrase means.
    10) It could be correct, but the phrase without "the" could also be correct. Context is needed.
    11) Possibly.
    12) Yes.

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