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  1. matilda

    Talking 128-business letter

    hello all

    can anyone help me in writing business letters?
    does it have a special format?
    how shall i start it?(the expressions how are you, how is everything with you,...)
    and how shall i finish it?(siuncerely yours, trully, ...)

    hope you help

    thanks a million


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    Re: 128-business letter

    I have seen that business letters are usually started with a warm word like "dear Mr. X" in my opinion I would consider kind of informal to start with a "How are you?" Now, about the ending "sincerely or truly" would be fine. There are special formats for different kinds of letters. I would check reference books to have a clear idea. I hope this can be of some help.

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    Re: 128-business letter

    I was taught that with 'Dear Sir' goes 'Yours faithfully' and with Dear Mr.X-Yours sincerely or Sincerely yours.I don't know if these rules still apply!

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    Re: 128-business letter

    The standard format we learned in school for a traditional business letter was as follows:


    Mr. John Doe <----- name and address of addressee
    123 Sesame Street
    Boston, MA 02134
    (leave two vertical spaces)
    Dear Mr. Doe: <------ salutation
    (leave two vertical spaces)
    text text text
    text text text
    (leave two vertical spaces)
    Sincerely, (or Very truly yours,)
    (leave at least four vertical spaces, more if your signature takes a lot of room. This space is where you sign your name.)
    Matilda Surname <------ type your name

    If the letter is formal enough that you're addressing the person as "Mr." or "Ms.," it would be too informal to ask "how are you". Usually you would get straight to the point of your letter in the opening sentence. For example:

    "Regarding our telephone conversation of April 25, I am hereby submitting my written proposal for your inquiry number (etc etc)"


    "I am contacting you in reference to your recent employment ad for a Network Specialist."

    Usually a business letter should have a minimum of two paragraphs, even if the second one is no more than something like: "Thank you for your attention to this matter." or "I look forward to hearing from you soon."
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