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    Language school experience?

    I have a question for you - does anyone know how the market of language schools looks like now?
    I live in Warsaw (Poland) and I see language schools at every corner. I am from Konin and there are no good schools in general, and certainly no chain language schools. I was wondering what it looks like and whether or not it is worth returning to my hometown and try to open something on my own - I know some good English teachers there (I don't have enough language skills to do it on my own).
    I checked google and found - they offer franchising and and they have experience in this part of Europe. I've requested an offer. Do you have any other ideas of good language schools franchising? Maybe you teach in one of that?

    This doesn't have to be a chain of language schools, which is now present in Poland. Maybe you just know any good chain (but necessarily in/from Europe) and can recommend something from your own experience?

    this would be big help!
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