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    Use of accounted for in the given sentence.

    Situation: A plant receives liquid from different stream which are all metered. Total volume leaving the plant should be equal to the sum of volume received from individual streams but the meters are not accurate. 500 litres liquid was discharged whereas the sum of receiving meters show 400 litres in total. So, the sentence I wanted to use is below and I want to know if this is correct please ?
    400 liters out of 500 litres discharge volume has been accounted for whereas 100 litres still remains unknown.
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    Re: Use of accounted for in the given sentence.

    I take it that the volume of liquid leaving the plant is the discharge volume.

    The volume of liquid received (400 litres) does not tally with the volume discharged (500 litres) as recorded by the meters.
    There is a discrepancy of 100 litres which cannot be accounted for.

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    Re: Use of accounted for in the given sentence.

    Atiq, you wrote 5000 litres one time and 500 litres the other time.

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