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    help needed quickly


    I've got 3 questions. The first one is a bout the following sentence :

    "I told my grandma that someone from the UNC would contact her in order to complete the whole procedure"

    Is this one correct ? I was wondering about using "will" instead of "would"... would it be possible ? or not really ?

    another thing is this :

    "Could you send me an email confirming that you've received this one ?"

    is it corect ?

    and the last thing... I need to thank somebody whom (who?) I don't know (actually I know this person via emails only) and she works at (a ?) University. I wish to thank her in the best way I can for all the info she gave me and many kind emails concerning some archives. Can someone write the most appropriate "thanks" ? I need it to be not very stiff, not very formal but yet, not... well... not too informal. Thanks ! (I mean, I coud do it on my own but I just want to see how you guys would say thanks)

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    Re: help needed quickly

    1- would is fine because of the verb 'told'
    2- OK

    I'd like to thank you very much for all your help.

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