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    active and passive question

    Hi there ,
    I'm preparing for the TOEIC TEST and today I was answering some questions in the reading section.I got confused a little bit with one of them
    the Question is :

    Mary’s new computer was supposed _____ delivered on Monday, but it did not arrive until Wednesday.

    a. to be
    b. going to be
    c. having been
    d. to have been

    my answer was "a" but it was wrong ,the answer sheet says it's "d"
    so I want to know the reason for this answer
    Thanks in advance ,
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    Re: active and passive question

    Welcome to the forum, mohamed ashraf sayed.

    The perfect infinitive (d) is the best answer grammatically, but your answer (a) would commonly be used by a great number of native English speakers.

    In my opinion, it's an unfair question in a TOEIC* test.

    * The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is "an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment."

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    Re: active and passive question

    Was it a genuine TOEIC test or one written by someone else? Sometimes, tests that follow an exam's patterns are not tested as thoroughly as the exams themselves and allow mistakes to get through. A teacher who teaches an exam may try to write tests in their free time, but they may mistakes occasionally that an exam team who can test their papers against multiple audiences don't. It doesn't mean that the lone amateur's exercises are invalid, but they should not necessarily be treated as gospel. Did you pay for this or get it for free?
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