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    The primacy of your speech

    2-5)If you and your opponent are to present your arguments back to back, and if the election is still several days away, you should speak first. The primacy of your speech will interfere with the audience’s ability to learn your opponent’s arguments; with the election several days away, differential effects due to memory are negligible. (A) , if the election is going to be held immediately after the second speech, and there is to be a prolonged coffee break between the two speeches, you would do well to speak last. Because of the coffee break between speeches, the interference
    of the first speech with the learning of the second speech will be minimal; because the audience must make up its mind right after the second speech, as the second speaker you would have retention working for you. (B) , the recency effect would be dominant: All other things being equal, the last speech will be the more persuasive.

    What does this "primacy" mean? "perfomance" or "order or speech"? If it's "performance", why do you have to speak first?

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    Re: The primacy of your speech

    Order of speech.

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