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Thread: "Off" in lists

  1. Waggers

    "Off" in lists

    Could some kind soul tell me which of the two options is the correct way to write a list list?
    Option 1:
    Pencils - 3 off
    Pens - 5 off
    Erasers - 10 off
    Option 2:
    Pencils - 3 of
    Pens - 5 of
    Erasers - 10 of
    Many thanks indeed.

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    Re: "Off" in lists


    I'm not sure I understand the question, Waggers.

    "of" as in pencils | 3 of them


    "off" as in pencils | 3 checked off the list?

    Either way, this is the first time I've seen "of" or "off" used in a list. Perhaps it's something new?

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    Re: "Off" in lists

    Sorry, I didn't explain it very well.

    We received a list from someone wanting to order some items.

    It read something like:

    I would like to order the following items:
    Pencils - 3 off
    Pens - 5 off
    Erasers - 10 off

    This started an argument here about the use of the word "off". I think it has been used correctly whilst others insist the writer should have used the word "of" i.e. Pencils - 3 of.


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    Re: "Off" in lists

    I think the writer may have been confused by the phrase "one-off", referring to something which is unique: "I don't think they'll ever make another car like it -- it was a one-off."

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    Re: "Off" in lists

    In your example, "of" would be the correct word, although it would read better if it said: "Pencils, 3 of each" (This phraseology is not normally used in conversation, but it is common on order forms.)

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