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    Question could you help me?

    ----Wouldn't you rather your child ____to bed early?
    A go B went C would go D goes

    the answer is B ,could you explain it to me?
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: could you help me?

    It's an imaginary situation-the truth is that the child doesn't go to bed early. When we want to show that something is imaginary we use the past tense, as in the second conditional.

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    Re: could you help me?

    Can I say? :
    "Wouldn't you rather your child to go to bed early?"

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    Re: could you help me?

    No! As tdol said, after would rather(= prefer) we can put either a present bare infinitive when the subject of would rather is also the subject of the following verb:

    I'd rather go now. (I prefer- I go)
    She'd rather have a salad for dinner. ( She prefers-she goes)


    past simple when the subject of would rather is different from the subject of the following verb, expressing an imaginary/unreal situation in the present

    I'd rather you went now.( I prefer- you go) PRESENT
    I'd rather they left.( I prefer- they leave) PRESENT

    ( now, when we want to refer to the past, we can use the perfect infinitive in the first case:

    I'd rather have told him the truth yesterday. He wouldn't have been angry with me. PAST

    and past perfect in the second,for an unreal situation in the PAST:

    I'd rather he had left earlier yesterday. He wouldn't miss the bus. PAST)


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