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Thread: hi guys...

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    Smile hi guys...

    im gonna be starting my new job as an esl teacher on the 2nd of may....just wanna get some tips on how to handle my student on my very first day on the job.thanks....

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    Re: hi guys...

    Hi Andy,

    Good luck with your new job!I think you should kust be confdent and nice to the students! I am sure everything will be fine.

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    Re: hi guys...

    No matter how you plan it in your head, the reality will always be different. First lesson nerves are normal- I still get them a bit after twenty years, though they probably are nothig like as bad. You have to get students onto your side, which doesn't mean trying to get in with them. Be felxible, be prepared for things to happen differently. The classroom is in many ways like a theatre- you have an audience and you have to get them to feel that being there will be profitable for them. Try to make the space your own. It's a good idea to explore the room before you teach in it- make sure you know where things are and are comfortable with it. Try to make the space your own, because that will help you use it. Be yourself and develop your own style, but be prepared to improvise and move with the flow- lessons have the own dynamic, so don't expect a plan to go exactly the way you want- try to sense how things are going and respond to the students. If they need more, give them more, if they don't and you were planning to do more, then drop that part of the plan and move on or you'll lose them and bore them. ry to look for signals about whether they have grasped things- not just by asking but by reading their eyes and body language.

    And the best of luck.

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    Re: hi guys...

    Well Said, Tdol

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