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    Is this parallellism?

    Analysing my own work..trying to work out which bit is more important to talk about:

    The world has lost a huge musical talent.
    Two parents have lost their child.
    Hundreds of friends have lost their companion.
    Millions of fans have lost their star.

    But the saddest part of all is that somewhere
    along the line, well before her foreseeable death,

    Amy Winehouse lost herself.

    Is it the repetition of the modifier 'lost' that is parallelism or is it the repetition of the clause 'has lost', 'have lost' etc?

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    Re: Is this parallellism?

    As a figure of speech, "lost" is not an example of parallelism; it is an example of "repetition". It serves to emphasize "loss".

    See here:


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