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    spirited into // cultivated


    I would like to know what "spirited into" and "cultivation" mean here. Thank you.

    "A year ago the fate of
    Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese activist spirited into the American Embassy in Beijing, threatened to upend the Obama administration’s careful cultivation of China’s leaders before an important annual meeting between the two governments."


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    Re: spirited into // cultivated

    If you spirit yourself into somewhere, it means you entered the place very quietly, probably without being seen by anyone. It could even mean you entered illegally.

    "Cultivation" means that they had gradually been making inroads into having a good relationship with China's leaders. The communication and relationship between the leaders of countries and between politicians is a very fine balancing act.
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    Re: spirited into // cultivated

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Ms. Garett:

    I do not claim that my interpretation is the best one, but -- after checking my dictionary for the use of "spirit" as a verb -- I believe that it is reasonably accurate.

    Let's simplify the sentence to:

    "Mr. Chen had been spirited into the Embassy. This action threatened to upend the administration's cultivation of China's leaders."

    "To cultivate those leaders" means to say and do things in order to improve relations with those leaders.

    The use of "spirit" as a verb means something like: to move someone quickly and secretly. As you remember, some of Mr. Chen's friends were able to get him into the American Embassy -- past the guards.

    As you can imagine, this action "threatened to upend (to affect drastically)" the careful plans of the American administration to improve relations.


    P.S. It might be easier to understand if we fill in some of the missing words in that article: "... a blind Chinese activist who had been spirited into ...."

    I did not know that the moderator had already posted an answer.
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