HELLO! I was originally going to ask my english teacher to help revise this application essay but, the whole class just recently turned in an essay and I doubt that she has the time as she is already grading those. I'm always getting points off for grammar mistakes so I just wanted to see if anyone would help revise the mistakes of this essay.
Thanks in advance!!

"Please describe your career aspirations, extra-curricular activities, work experiences, volunteer work, honors, awards and hobbies.
(500 words or less)"

I always found myself favoring science; in 8th grade the councilor came to our class and passed around flyers for a robotics summer day camp to those who were interested. I applied, writing my essay on how when I was younger I would collect rusted nuts and bolts off the street and whisper in my momís ear about the robot I would build with them. Once I got accepted, and the first day approached, camp was all I could think about. Since a kid I had loved nature and up until that moment I had been 100% sure of being a marine biologist. I never would have seen myself as an engineer had I not attended that camp, but I canít abandon the natural sciences I have loved since I was a child. I believe that a double major in these interests would be fitting in a true embodiment of NASAís adventurous attitude.

I have been in Girl Scouts since second grade, encouraged to join by my two best friends and Iím glad I joined. As kids the focus was more on going to events and earning badges but now we volunteer at the events we used to attend. About 4th grade I started dancing, I tried ballet, hip-hop, and jazz but ballet was the only one I was able to stick to as my schedule started crowding with schoolwork. Towards the end of the year it would get so much more exciting but, time consuming as well. There would be practice up to three times a day as we prepared for our annual recital, trying to get all the dances to fit into one coherent storyline. I very much enjoyed dancing and was disappointed when, this year; I had to stop to make time for everything else. I like to spend some of the extra time I now have practicing my drawing, or playing with the dog my family and I recently adopted from a shelter. She has a lot of energy so when I get home from school I go outside and get her to run around.

For Girl Scouts there are three major awards bronze, silver, and gold. About two years ago I completed my Silver Award by making blankets and taking them to children at a local hospital. This year Iím going to work towards my Gold Award. Being in Girl Scouts also allows me to participate in a lot of volunteer activities. Just recently the city of Brownsville was informed that SpaceX was coming to us and we had a big celebration. I had originally signed up for set up but stayed all the way through to clean up. I can only imagine the opportunities we are going to have in my little town because of it. I also volunteer every Saturday at mass; my parents and me are in the choir while my brother alter serves.