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    "given" refers to?

    Would anyone please help me with this sentence? I've been lost after "the dependent variable"...


    The other parameters in the model measure the change in the value of the dependent variable given a unit change in an explanatory variable, all other variables held constant.

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    Re: "given" refers to?

    I don't know why it says "explanatory" variable. I would expect it to say "independent variable."

    You have a bunch of variables. You change one (the "explanatory") and hold all others the same in order to see what happens to the "dependent" variable.

    You change the variable by one unit (whatever it is measured in, e.g. kg, meters, degrees F, pounds per square inch). You give the system this change and see the response. If it's a linear system, a change of one unit will produce a change of Y in the output and a change of ten units will produce a change of 10Y.
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