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    'hero' for both genders?

    Dear Teacher,

    I understand ‘hero’ in English means the main character of a story, a play or a movie. In case the main character is female (a young lady or a woman) can I also use ‘hero’ to refer to that female character, or is there another English word for that?

    Many thanks for your help.


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    Re: 'hero' for both genders?

    the famale charater called: HEROIN. OR ACTRESSES.

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    Re: 'hero' for both genders?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jyoti297
    the famale charater called: HEROIN.
    Heroin is a hard drug. A female hero is a heroine.

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    Re: 'hero' for both genders?

    As Rewboss shows, there is a feminine form, and it is generally used for characters in novels, etc. If a woman does something very brave, then you will here her described as a hero by some people, but I wouldn't use it for characters.

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