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  1. Johanna99

    Question Caricature

    Hello there,

    I was wondering what is the illustrated jokes in newspapers and magazines called? Are they called comics or caricature?

    what is the difference between comics and caricature?


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    Re: Caricature

    They're usually called "cartoons". A cartoon that consists of two or more frames telling a story is called a "strip cartoon".

    A caricature is an image of a person in which certain characteristics have been exaggerated for comic or satirical effect. In English, we don't normally refer to the whole drawing as a caricature, although many political cartoons do include one or more caricatures.

    For example, on this page you can see one cartoon: this cartoon contains caricatures of George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Alan Greenspan.

    A comic is usually a magazine containing several strip cartoons, or possibly one very long one. They are usually aimed at children, although there are some more adult comics.


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