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    However I regret to inform you that, both of you told me per day 12 hrs working (2 shift) & crusher plant capacity is 600 ton per Hour x 12 hours 7,200 ton per day (2 shift) on dated 26-06-14, at present crusher plant production is per hour 200 tones so per hour we having shortage of 400 ton., As what you are told in that we are getting just less than half of the tonnage due to this my tonnage qty rate getting elevated.

    From 09 July 2014 to 31 October 2014 (115 Days) approximate, Dispatch tonnage 2,68,274, Top soil (Waste) tonnage 66,045 & Output (Clo & Fines) 1,29,526 for this total bill value is 92,84,553 and our Expenditure is 1,36,48,884 finally we have balance amount Rupees (-) 43,64,330. Due to your Crusher plant we are in incurred huge loss & we are not getting the actual tonnage quantity.

    After several follow-ups through overall communication & letter we are not found any solution so I earnestly request you to take necessary steps and make the resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    I Hope you would understand my situation and take a positive step towards resolving this issue.

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    Re: URGENT

    Welcome to the forum.

    Do you have a question for us? Note that "Urgent" is not a suitable title for any thread. Thread titles should include some or all of the words and phrases being queried. In addition, we do not respond well to things like "Urgent" or "Needed quickly". We are volunteers. We work to our timescales, not yours.
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