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    To map somthing to

    The procedures of the first bin inference the product data based on XML structure and then the procedures of the second bin map them to STEP modules XMLize rules based on part 28.

    I Know that "to map to" in computer science means " to link something to another thing" or to make relation between to things, but I would like to know if I can use "to link" or "to append" equivalently?

    2- considering the above sentence do the rules based on part 28? or The process of mapping data to the STEP modules XMLize rules is baed on part 28?


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    Re: To map somthing to

    Mapping is more than linking, and it's not amending. Why would you use a less descriptive and non-technical term in a sentence like that?
    The second question is unclear to me. Part 28 may or may not be part of the STEP modules XMLize. They may map onto XMLize based on the rules of part 28 of something else.

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