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    Kindly help me on the SOP i've prepared. Suggest improvements & corrections

    Everyone in this world is driven by some motivation which acts as a thrust for accomplishment of tasks. My father has always been a source of inspiration for me. His desires to achieve higher education were not fulfilled because of the limited resources available at hand. My dedication towards the studies lend him hopes to fulfil the dreams which he was not able to achieve. His encouragement and my ambition to harness the available resources in the field of my interest and thereby contribute to the field motivated me to choose engineering as a career. Guided by this purpose, I passed my school with honours which ensured me a smooth passage into a reputed engineering college. Ever since I was in school I used to wonder about how the communication devices like radio, television,mobile phones could connect people sitting in any corner of the world. This curiosity triggered in me an urge to further continue my studies into Electronics and Communication engineering.

    During my course of undergraduate study I was exposed to various subjects like Electromagnetic Theory, Microprocessors, Digital Electronics, Solid State Electronics formed the base for my well sculpted undergraduate. The subjects like Microcontroller, Microprocessor, Digital System Design, Data Communication and Networking have been my favourite. I am currently in the final year of engineering with my prime interest in the field of computer networks. I was always among the top 10 students of my department with a CPA of 9.6. Because of my merit I was also selected for 1 and a half year free training at BBBB,
    a government owned company which is the largest provider of fixed telephony in India.

    Deeply kindled by my zest for electronics I would spare my time making projects like traffic light signal controlling using timer,displaying numbers on 7 segment using BCD counter, temperature measurement and conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius. From this I learnt a lot about various components involved and this gave me an overall idea about the electronic circuits. My real introduction to the Computer Networks was during the training at BSNL. I was exposed to various innovations in the field of telecommunication and networking ever since the advent of telephones. During the last 6 months of our training,the subject of networking was introduced with which my foray into networking world began. Simultaneously in the college during the 6
    th semester the subject of data communication and networking was part of our syllabus.From the first moment of studying about the OSI model layers I was totally entranced. The subject was not only intuitive and easy to understand but its use and implementation could be seen everywhere around us. From the LAN ports installed in every student rooms to the default gateways connecting us to the internet networking was truly a miracle of modern technology and I became determined to assimilate as much knowledge of the sphere as possible, both theoretical and practical, and also to implement said knowledge in practical pursuits.I had also prepared a presentation on networking basics where I had an opportunity to learn from eminent professors in this field.

    Being in my final year of engineering, I am working on a review paper on Wireless Mobile charger. Our college had access to all the IEEE journals and papers which provided me adequate information about the wireless communication.

    Along with a considerable performance in academics I was also involved into community service. I am a member of ******, a trust which educates children in rural areas. All through my school life I actively participated in debates, quiz competitions. Moreover, I was also a member of Eco Club, where I participated in a campaign for creating awareness among the people to reuse,recycle the waste and minimise the use of plastic.

    I hope to fulfil my ambition at University of ******* in Electronics and computer engineering, which I consider one of the best to pursue graduate studies. I have gone through the website very carefully and I have concluded that with excellent research facilities and highly knowledgeable faculty, University of ********* will provide a perfect environment to focus all my resources towards the studies.
    I believe faculty accessibility plays a key role in helping to inspire students to be passionate about their fields of study and in preventing them from growing discouraged from the workload or from difficult problems. Besides the numerous resources and conducive atmosphere, studying at your university would give me the opportunity to broaden my horizon further by getting a chance to interact with students and faculty from different nationalities and cultures. Being an Indian in origin, I would love to share the diverse Indian cultures with those present there.Knowledge, experience and exposure are the things which I wish to gain as a graduate student at your institution. It will bring a strong foundation for my ultimate aim of being a research student in the field of computer networking. Although I do have adequate funding to get through my graduation study, any form of financial support would definitely boost my motivation and ease the burden off the shoulders of my parents.

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