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    I, XXXXXXX, am applying to the University of ******** for the admission in the master’s program in Electronics and computer engineering with the specialisation in the field of Computer Networks. Knowledge is not something we are born with.With constant observation and thirst to learn it gets assimilated.

    I am a student in the final year of the four year Bachelor of Technology program in Electronics and Communication engineering at XXXXXXXXXX. Now that I am in the final year of engineering I believe that a masters program in my chosen discipline would help me achieve my objective.

    Right from the childhood, I was determined and focussed to achieve the goals I set for myself. After completing my high school studies with good grades I got admitted into Engineering field which I chose as a career because of my fascination for the electronic circuits which grew over time.
    Some times I feel enthralled as to how human beings have been able to bring all these changes in the technological world of communication. This made me take a strong decision to contribute to this field of Electronics and communications and to bring some mew technological innovations in this field. This desire gave me a fascination for science and a keen interest in the ever-growing world of technology motivated me to take up engineering.The subjects like Digital Electronics,Solid state electronics,Integrated circuits,Electromagnetic theory formed the base of my undergraduate study.While in my third year of undergraduate study, I learnt about the concepts of I.Cs the thought of making something with these ICs occupied my mind.Meanwhile I had an opportunity to make a project on it.Traffic light control signal,temperature sensing and conversion,displaying numbers on 7 Segment using counter were the projects I made during that time.These projects helped me develop an interest into electronic circuits. Apart from scoring well in academics I was also involved into community service. I am a member of BACHPAN, a trust which educates children in rural areas. Even in the schooling period I was actively involved in extra curricular activities as I believe satisfaction of spirit is equally important as of mind.Being a member of Eco club I participated in a campaign for spreading awareness among the people about reducing the use of plastics by adopting the reuse,reduce and recycling principle.My profound passion and deep interest in getting involved in the fields of my interest made me participate in debates and quiz competitions during my high school.

    I realised about my budding interest in the field of Networking during the training program at BSNL. During my undergraduate study, I was always among the top 10% students in my department which provided me the privilege to be one of the few students who were selected for the EETP training at BSNL for one and a half year. The concept of how networks could link people sitting in any corner of the world always drew my attention. While preparing for a presentation on Networking concepts and OSI model, I had a chance to learn from the eminent professors in this field.While I was discovering my interest in computer networking,our college syllabus of 6
    th semester also included a subject called “Data Communication & Networking”.I am presently working on a review paper which presents a study on Wireless mobile charger.With a complete access to all the journals and papers of IEEE and under the guidance of professor I was able to gather the information about the study.

    I am seeking a University which not only provides good atmosphere for creative contribution but also provides a close introduction between student and faculty.I have many ambitions for myself that I embark at this stage of life.I am confident that educating from your university will provide me an invaluable experience and excellent opportunity to enhance my knowledge in the field of communications.

    I sincerely request you to consider my application for admission at your reputed university.I will be grateful if I am provided an opportunity to pursue my higher studies being a part of the university.I am sure that I will be able to achieve my goals keeping in touch with the expectations of the university.
    Looking forward to be a part of your graduate program.
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