I am a Chinese university student and my major is not in English, but I need complete an essay in English. My oral English is ok, but my written English is very weak and I find it hard understanding certain terms. I have an English teacher but they couldn't help me with my essay. I have to identify 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses in this article
and I need to1. Analyse the form of the following words in bold as they are used in the text:View sample Download sample
Material from Cambridge ESOL

  • Bosses are clocking off earlier after years of long hours (line 1)
  • ...among the world's hardest working(line 4-5)
  • ...attempts at more flexible practices(line 10-11)
  • ...fewer people are prepared to make sacrifices (line 14)

2. Identify 4 problems (in total) learners might have with the form, meaning and/or pronunciation of the following phrases:

  • Time's up (headline)
  • Bosses are clocking off (line 1)
  • ...cut their working week (lines 6/7)

pleased can someone give me some tips and ideas, obviously i don't want you to write it but I'm struggling with it as it is my second language, what are the forms?

Thank you so much for your help