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    Post Scholarshi motivation letter

    Dear Ser/Madam:
    I am writing this letter to express my deepest interest on gaining a DAAD scholarship in order to continue my master studies on Information Systems in one of my selected universities. I hold a bachelor degree on Business Informatics from Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. Studding in Germany has always been my goal but unfortunately it always was impossible for me to afford it financially, that is why DAAD scholarship program is my only opportunity to make it happen.
    My passion and deep desire to pursue my studies on Information Systems derives from my early 18ns. I started my internship program in a small company specialized on service and maintenance. In partnership with a german entrepreneurial, this company was one of the first to implement information systems in Albanian market. After months of careful studies, they lunched MainServer system which changed by the root the working environment. During this time I had the possibility to study information systems; to assist the implementation and what is more important to be testimonial of the results. Using information systems changed the management strategy, created new standards of transparency and made the decision making process effective and result oriented. It was then that I realized I wanted that prospective to be implemented in every company operating in Albania.
    My bachelor studies gave me basic knowledge of information systems and business administration, developing the required background to future studies on the field. Furthermore, my internship gave me a better understanding of the global economy in which interconnected companies initiate, arrange and unwind the exchange of goods and services by using information systems. Having the possibility to observe the decision making improvement, the operational excellence and competitive management advantages made me see information systems as instrument for creating value, productivity, increasing revenue and establishing long term strategic positioning on the market. This internship was an excellent preparation for my master program and an important milestone in my young career.
    My ambitious goal is to gain expert knowledge by a synthesis of theory and practice, knowledge I plan to transfer on my home country working in private and academic sector. After finishing my studies, i intend to establish a specialized company on Information Systems. I envision an incorporated Albanian market to the latest management information system assuring an orientation towards professionalism and high management standards.
    Attending my master studies in Germany will provide me with an intersection between computer science and business administration developing a deep understanding on how to deploy and manage information systems. The master program will learn me how to collect, structure, manipulate, prepare, communicate and use data, information and knowledge to define and control processes in companies and industrial scenarios. The study program offers a wide variety of courses ranging from networking technologies, over data management and information systems to legal issues and system management. This program is combined with the opportunity to specialize in a subarea of information systems reflecting current business requirements starting from process management, business intelligence, information management and business networking. Pursuing my master studies in one of my selected universities will not only give me an excellent theoretical preparation but will also provide me the possibility to extend my knowledge by attending a semester abroad or even by being part of a research program offered by ERICS (European Research Center for Information Systems).This programs will prepare me for research positions in industry or academic as well as for managerial and consulting positions best fitting my ambitions.
    The information system is a challenging study program which requires effort, hard work, independent research and devotion. Beyond my strong academic motivation, I am looking forward to this opportunity because I need to get out of my comfort zone. I need to explore my academic and personal potentials by pushing myself into new challenges. Studying and living abroad can help not only broaden my horizons but accelerate my personal and academic growth as well. The opportunity of meeting and associating with people from all over the world and to be immersed in a society with a global outlook and politically neutral understanding of life
    From two years now I have been an active member of the global student run organization AIESEC Albania. Working everyday with different people of different backgrounds has helped me be tolerant and flexible. AIESEC experience is unique when it comes to self development, time management, team work and project development. During all this time I have been working with international students exchanging experience and contributing in a sustainable positive development of youth. Also, I am an active member of women’s rights movements, a very close to heart cause to me.
    My academic studies but not only, my social and professional engagement have helped me discover potentials I never knew I had. I am a hard working person, objective, solution oriented and determined to achieve my goals. Being part of a dynamic environment and undertaking challenges makes me feel I am investing my efforts and time in the right way
    I am confident I have the motivation, energy and strong will to work hard and best prepare myself in order to reach all of my goal. I am looking forward to a positive response.


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    Re: Scholarshi motivation letter

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