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Thread: curry favor

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    curry favor


    I don't seem to get what does "curry favor" mean here:

    "Also, there is Junichiro Tanizaki’s claim for Japanese music, from 1933’s “In Praise of Shadows”: “Japanese music is above all a music of reticence, of atmosphere. When recorded, or amplified by loudspeaker, the greater part of its charm is lost.… Most important of all are the pauses. Yet the phonograph and the radio render these moments of silence utterly lifeless. And so we distort the arts themselves to curry favor for them with the machines. These machines are the inventions of the Westerners, and are, as we might expect, well suited for the Western arts.”

    Is it something like "these Japanese arts are choosing to corrupt, modify themselves in order to work better on "the machines" which in this case are the phonograph and the radio?


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    Re: curry favor

    Cynthia, please cite the source of your quotation.

    To curry favo(u)r is a set phrase meaning

    " to praise someone, especially someone in authority, in a way that is not sincere, in order to get some advantage for yourself:
    He's always trying to curry favour with the boss."

    I've no idea what the author of your quotation means by it here.
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