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    problem area

    I am an ESL teacher and currently working in my own school. I have a student who understands English quite well, but is unable to speak due to a fear of saying anything outloud (outside of classroom) even though she may know how. We have worked on memorizing texts/dialogues; drilling/reviewing. However, she admits she has an inside stopper that forbids her from talking. She becomes extremely nerveous, turns read, can hardly breathe, and has noise in her head, consequently, losing/forgetting whatever she knows. She also believes she suffers from a bad memory. I would love to help the student, but after trying everything I know, I can't seem to have her overcome the fear. Please advise. I appreciate your response.

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    Re: problem area

    With those symptoms, it sounds like pathological stage fright. I think this problem is over your head unless you are a clinical psychologist. I suggest that you refer the student to one.

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