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    trump card of atheism


    I would like to know what "the trump card of atheism" means here. Thank you.

    A droll and pear-shaped presence, he talks for victory as he bustles around the stage thrusting his fists into his green cardigan, stopping only to laugh at his own esoteric jokes. He’s a pitch-perfect study of dithering decency. “There is more in me than meets the microscope,” he says in a crucial speech. “And because of that I’m saddled with this incredible, indescribable and definitely shifty God, the trump card of atheism.” His poignance is that he can’t quite reach beyond his wall of words to connect with his distraught young wife, Dotty (Essie Davis). For much of Act I, she interrupts his onstage cogitations with offstage shouts of “Murder!,” “Rape!,” “Wolves!,” but no solace is forthcoming, from George or from the world.


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    Re: trump card of atheism

    Do you know what a "trump card" is?

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