Hi !! can someone help me check my personal statement please? I'm applying for a university. Thank you

When I was a child, I thought I already knew everything about computer. The arrogance of a child started to become the feeling of grain of sand in desert after seeing how great things people were able to do with computer. I began to have eagerness to learn anything from computer. I paid attention to people fixing computers. I took any available computer classes in middle school and high school. Also, Iíd already realized that my strong side was not natural science or social science but formal science. I liked to work on problems that require logical thinking than memory.
During my middle school age, I spent time at a computer store whose owner was my fatherís friend. This was where I learned basic computer use. I learned how to configure, build, and troubleshoot a personal computer, and install its operating system there. For more experience, I help my friends, my family install, repair and build their computers.
Even though I had had chance to get used to computers, at that time, the education system in my country had limited program for students who wanted to learn computers. I had to learn from Internet through my old computer. I found myself lucky to be able to move to U.S. I had more chance to learn, to pursue my computer major.
Even though I graduated in my country, Vietnam, but I still spent little time in high school again in U.S because I couldnít get my transcript from country yet. That was a good experience for to see and learn the different between two countries. My most achievement there was my music video got nominated for one of best music video in The Northwest High School Film Festival in 2012. Even I didnít win but I was still proud of myself. My teacher also was really proud of me. I was only in beginner class of video production and that was my first music video or even one of very first videos Iíd ever made, but I was able to compete with students who were in way advanced classes. One of the factors that helped me to make a good product was thinking out of the box. From things I learned in class, I expanded, mixed them into new things instead of simply apply what teacher taught. Just like when I was a kid playing Lego, which was my favorite toy. The tutorial showed me how to build something; I wouldnít just stop at what I was showed. From my own imagination, I upgraded a car to a tank, a ship to a spaceship, etc.
Although I had chosen my path for long term studying, I still wasnít sure what I should focus on since computer field was too wide. I kept asking myself what was my specific main goal of studying computers? Although I temporary set my goal as becoming a programmer, I still felt like something was missing. The question was if I was a programmer, what would I love to program? It took me a while to find a satisfied answer for myself; I want to develop video games.
I really like video games. Above movies and bowling, playing video games is my most favorite hobby. In video games, Iím just not playing, but I also exploring, adventuring fantastic worlds. We human have only one live and video games give us the opportunity to live many other lives, to experience the wonderful things that we donít have in real life.
Besides exploring video games, I also like to modify and change things in the games the way I want. Many video game developers give gamers chance to make in-game changes through their editor programs. I like to spend time on these editors to transform my ideals, my imaginations into the virtual world. This is where I find my reason, my goal to study programming. I want to make my own video games and I already know that behind the scenes of a video game is full of code.
Basically, Iím just following my old path, becoming a programmer, but with a better vision, purpose, and motivation. My interest in computing, my passion for video games and my enjoyment of creating things are factors that push me to learn and become a game developer.
In order to fulfill my goal, I must go the long way. Two years program in college and things I learn by myself about computing are just the surface. I want to go deep inside the computer science major to gain the knowledge that I need to exploit and apply my imagination. University is the place that I can find that knowledge, the place that can enlighten me on my road to success. The help from financial aids is limited, so I must value and mustnít waste it.