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  1. Ana Laura

    Lightbulb Conditionals...

    I would like to know If you can help me with this:
    I have 3 sentences which are not finished:

    1) Even if he were to apologize...
    2) Even If they begged me...
    3) If we really loved each other...

    and I have six posibilities which can be the correct answer to finish this 3 conditional sentences. They are:

    a) might
    c) will
    d) would
    e) should
    f) Imperative

    I was thinking about this:
    1) Even if he were to apologize, I might not forgive him
    2) Even if he begged me, I couldn't tell him the truth.
    3)If we really loved each other, we would get married.

    are these sentences ok? Please tell me if they are not,
    tHANK YOU!

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    Re: Conditionals...

    1- Unlikely- 'even if' is emphatic, so 'might' doesn't really go with such a strong position. 'Wouldn't' works better for me.
    2 & 3 are fine.

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